January 23, 2017

Soils – For pickup or delivery

“Not all soils are created equal.” This is why Olson’s green, renewable soil products help to create the greenest lawns and gardens. Our bulk, composted soils not only save you money compared to bag products, but they also reduce your water and fertilizer costs.

We test, blend, screen and recommend, so that you get the highest quality soil. Your lawn and gardens will thrive with improved nutrients. Your vegetable garden is capable of producing higher yields, with better quality and flavor with our soils. We’ve tested it ourselves and have seen the results!

See our video below for more on our annual leaf pick up and composting operation:

Featured Soils:

Coconut Blended Compost – best for trees, shrubs and gardens

  • 50% ground coconut fiber
  • 50% leaf and grass compost
  • Superior water and oxygen retention
  • Hormone rich and fungus free
  • A completely renewable resource

Lawn Builder – best for new and existing lawns

  • 50% leaf and grass compost
  • 50% screened topsoil
  • Can be used as a top dressing for lawns and gardens

Special Blends – commercial, institutional and sports complexes

Perfect solution when a particular soil blend is necessary for large scale projects such as football fields, soccer complexes, urban parks and large-scale landscape topsoiling



Call for sale pricing!

1-5 yards $$
6-19 yards $$
20+ yards $$

Coconut Blend Compost:
1-5 yards: $$
6-19 yards: $$
20+ yards: $$

Please fill out our form to get a quote on delivery.
$89.00 in town, $105.00 per hour out of town.


We load customer vehicles 8am-5pm during the spring, summer, and fall months.  We DO NOT load if we recently had rain and the soil is too wet. If you are unsure please call us 715-842-7088 to see if we are loading or not for the day.

You can either bring a truck or trailer in to our main office to get loaded.  We recommend bringing a tarp as well but it is optional.  Make sure your tires are filled up with air on both your vehicle and/or trailer before coming in.  Most small trailers and standard pickup trucks can hold about 1 yard of material.

We currently accept cash or check only.  Once you pay we will direct you across the street to get loaded.

If you DON’T HAVE a truck or trailer, we recommend getting your soil order delivered.  For smaller quantities we also allow customers to fill up their personal containers/bins/buckets that they bring in at a separate price depending on size.  5 gallon buckets work the best!  Please note we do not load personal containers, we have shovels that you can use after you pay in the office.

Call 715 842 7088 or email Olson for more information on our soils.