How to start a house painting business from the ground up NEXT

Study your competitor’s residential and commercial painting prices. Overcharging for a job will leave prospective customers running to your competitors. There are many painting services you can offer, but when you’re first starting (especially with limited experience), it’s best to start with a few core offerings.
On residential jobs, the homeowner is dealing with a potentially large outlay of funds and may be in a stressful situation — like a major home renovation or preparing for a sale. You want your sales staff to act with empathy and understanding. We’ll notify you every time someone is looking for the services you provide in your local Facebook groups. It can be extremely difficult to find the balance between home life and work-life now that you are 100% responsible for your employees, clients, and everything in between. Many painters pay under $1000 per year, but the largest group pays between $2000 to $3000 per year.
When starting your painting business, the key is to invest in the essentials and rent others on a job-by-job basis. And as your painting business grows, reinvest your profits to build up your inventory. A residential painting business prepares and paints the interior and exterior of private residential properties, including walls, ceilings, window trims, furniture, and decks. Residential painters work with property owners, advising and recommending color palettes, paint types, and styles. Huckleberry helps you get the insurance you need to start your painting company fast and entirely online.
For instance, in 2020, home remodeling purchases have increased by almost 25% in the United States, and consumers credit recent stay-at-home orders for this boom in their buying. Keep in mind that if you start working without filing any paperwork, you’re automatically considered a sole proprietorship. This may or may not require additional paperwork or business taxes.
If you don’t already have a vehicle that can get your equipment to the job site, it’s time to invest. Some painters say they prefer a van because it’s easier to stay organized, and your supplies stay more secure. While a new cargo van checks in at around $30,000, a used vehicle can be a lifesaver for your budget.
Next, you’ll want to practice a few times before you take on a paying client. You can also offer to paint homes for friends and family for free to get some extra practice. You’ll need to have a website to promote your business, offer more information about the services you provide and allow clients to request a quote. Many websites, such as Upwork and Fiverr, have talented workers who can build you a fantastic website at an affordable price. Running a small business that’s protected from accidents, legal trouble, or any kind of unforeseen incidents with the IRS means filing paperwork and covering your assets.
Heavy duty tools like pressure washers, scaffolding, sprayers and air compressors will make bigger jobs a snap. Once you have your painter’s license or any permits and certifications took care of, you can set up your company. One of the biggest decisions you need to make when starting a new painting business is what sort of business entity you will select.
Unlike a physical product that a customer can return, a customer who hires a painting company essentially has to hope they do a good job. Starting a painting business with no experience is a lot easier than you might think. Unlike restaurants or retail shops, a painting business has several advantages that make success easy. First, you don’t need to be experienced because you can easily teach yourself the skills. Second, there will always be a demand for painting as most people don’t have the time or talent to paint themselves.
Look to your business plan to see which options make the most sense for your specific business. It’s easy to slide into an “I serve everyone” marketing strategy, but that is counterproductive. In addition, the process of actually writing the plan will do a lot for you. You’ll get clear on why you’re going into business and how you intend to create revenue. You will also be able to map out a plan for growth—very helpful for long-term success. The good news is that you aren’t completely powerless over your cash flow situation.
Call those people who want estimates, and set up a time to meet with them. Pre-made templates  why not try this out  are in my Painting Business Pro course. Just by having a client manual, you will already look more professional than 90% of the other painting companies giving estimates.